Load-cells with semiconductor strain gauges


We produce load-cells according to customer requirements.

  • Our load-cells are suitable for measuring forces, mass, pressure, torque, acceleration
  • Accuracy of load-cells (non-linearity + hysteresis) with semiconductor strain gauges is the guaranteed to ± 0.5% of the nominal range or better
  • Safe overload of our load-cells is to 200% nominal range
  • We can use foil strain gauges from other company in load-cells

Typical chatacteristics of our load-cells

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Load-cells with steel-foil strain gauges

We also produce load-cells with steel-foil strain gauges, which we buy from the world manufacturers.
Compared with load-cell with semiconductor strain gauges, load-cell with steel-foil strain gauges have:

  • lower output signal (sensitivity up to 4 mV/V)
  • lower temperature coeficient of deformation sensitivity
  • lower combined error ( hysteresis and nonlinearity)
  • lower safe overload
  • temperature self-compensation
The basic specification of load-cell with steel-foil strain gauges:
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Basic principles

0.1 g – 200 kg
1 kg – 5 000 kg
500 kg – 500 t
Snímač tlaku
10-5 m/s2 – 100 m/ s2
Snímač zrychlení
0.01 MPa – 5 MPa
senzor tlaku
5 Mpa – 100 MPa
čidlo měření tlaku
0.01 N.m – 100 N.m
Snímač kroutícího momentu

Depiction od deformation under load

Deformace při zatížení

Use in practice