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Strain gauge sensors offer a wide range of applications in automation and engineering, in the automotive and aerospace industries, healthcare and other fields

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Strain gauges

We manufacture semiconductor silicon strain gauges that have the highest known efficiency of converting mechanical quantities into an electrical signal…


We manufacture sensors equipped with semiconductor or metal strain gauges for measuring forces, weight, pressurElektronikae, torque, acceleration…


We supply digital force and weight meters. You can then transfer the values from the tensometric measurement either via USB to a PC…


Hundreds of realized strain gauges, sensors and other electronic components

VTS Zlín s.r.o. cooperates and supplies strain gauges and sensors of pressure, force, weight, acceleration and torque to companies, but also to individual customers according to requirements throughout the Czech Republic, as well as abroad.

About company

Expertise in electronics

The company VTS Zlín s.r.o. focuses on the production of semiconductor strain gauges and strain gauge sensors for measuring force, torque, deformation, pressure and similar quantities. We design and implement load cells for individual applications according to customer requirements. We also supply suitable electronics for the sensors and help with the design of the measuring chain.

The company was founded at the beginning of 1990 to ensure the flexible development of semiconductor tensometry and its applications in new economic conditions. It brought together both the experts who developed the production technology at the Research and Test Aviation Institute in Prague, and the experts managing the production of strain gauges since its inception at OPS Zlín. This production, introduced in 1974 at the Zlín OPS for the aviation industry, had to be expanded eightfold by 1978 for other industries and twentyfold by 1989 for export needs, as the USA embargoed the export of semiconductor strain gauges to a number of countries.